Phase Two (1972)

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Track Listing:

Side 1 Fanfare (Prolouge)* [Thomas] 0:24 Say Leroy (The Creature from the Black Lagoon Is Your Father)** [Castor-Pruitt-Thomas-Gibson-Jensen] 6:39 Luther The Anthropoid (Ape Man)** [Castor-Pruitt-Thomas] 3:20 Party Life*** [Castor-Pruitt] 7:42 Side 2 When?** [Castor-Pruitt-Thomas-Gibson-Jensen] 4:31 Paradise* [Castor-Pruitt] 2:48 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face* [MacColl] 6:25 Tribute to Jimi: Purple Haze/Foxey Lady*** [Hendrix] 3:46 Fanfare (Epilogue)* [Thomas] 0:37


Members of The Jimmy Castor Bunch: Jimmy Castor: all vocals, tenor sax, alo sax, timbales, gurio, cowbell, piano on "Luther" Gerry Thomas: trumpet, piano Doug Gibson: bass Harry Jensen: guitar Lenny Fridie, Jr.: conga drums Bobby Manigault: drums Produced by Castor-Pruitt Productions Recording Engineer: Jim Cotty Recording Technician: Tom Brown, Jr. Recorded in RCA Studios, New York City *Arranged and Conducted by G. Thomas **Arranged and Conducted by The Jimmy Castor Bunch ***Arranged and Conducted by J. Castor


LSP-4783 (0589) RCA Victor Side 1 (BPRS-6622-3S H) Side 2 (BPRS-6623-3S H) 1972, RCA Records, New York, NY. Printed in U.S.A Public performance clearance - BMI Type: Vinyl/LP

Liner Notes:

For making this album possible, my special thanks to: Jim Crotty, Tom Brown, Jr., Jack Adelman, Gus Mossler, Danny Lewittes, Roz Sheppard. /Jimmy Castor "A fool lives alone, and we are all fools. Our only escape from loneliness is through flights of imagination. You have flown with me through my music; we have become one, and are no longer alone. Men are not brothers until they have laughed and cried together." Thank you, /Jimmy Castor "PHASE TWO" - an extraordinary concept LP. Its versatility and music made me an offer i could not refuse. /Harry Belafonte

Editorial Notes:

Cover: Jimmy Castor in a red suit, jumping. In the background you can see New York skyscrapers at night. "Leroy" and "Luther" are the highlightes, very funny and very funky, doing his cave-man impression. "Luther" is almost the same song as "Troglodyte" (from
It's Just Begun which came earlier the same year), as a matter of fact the whole album has the same feeling. But the funky parts are still funky. The Hendrix tribute ain't that good though. Hey Castor, leave it up to Hendrix... Other Jimmy Cator Bunch albums: Hey Leroy '67 It's Just Begun '72 Dimension 3 '73 The Everything Man '73 Super Sound '75 Butt of Course '75 E Man Groovin' '76 Maximum Stimulation '77 C '80 Remembers Yesterday '81
It had a big peep hole Because it was a big house Luther put his eye to the peep hole He said: uueh... Now I ain't going to tell 'ya what he saw But he started a saying that we use today We just got it a little mixed up, you know When he put his eye to the peep hole he said: Power to the peep hole. Power to the peep hole! - Jimmy Castor, "Luther the Anthropoid" Go to the Funky Discography or to the Main Page.

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